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What Is Davidic Dance?

What Is Davidic Dance

Davidic Dance is a physical expression of praise, thanksgiving and joy to Elohim (G-d). The Hebrew word for dance is rachad (pronounced r'kad) which means to skip or leap for joy. Some of the dances are patterned after traditional Israeli folkdances; others are originally choreographed by Messianic believers.

They vary from very simple, repetitive steps to more complex. They are meant to be danced as a group without any emphasis on one dancer.

The tone of the dances range from reverentially devotional to exuberantly joyful. Dancers include men, women, teenagers and young children. All celebrations (i.e. b'nai mitzvot, weddings, seders, social gatherings, etc.) as well as worship services are appropriate times to dance. Davidic dance can play an important role in uniting Jewish and gentile believers in praising ADONAI (the Lord).

"Let them praise His name with the dance" Psalm 149:3