Monthly Pledges and One Time Donations

We currently operate this internet radio station solely out of pocket and now with a few donations from faithful listeners. We have grown in listenership because of the wonderful variety of music we play, the quality of streaming we provide and the slow but steady improvements to we have made over the past 5 years.

Now, we ask you to prayerfully consider supporting this station with any monthly pledge or one time donation of any amount as well as your prayers to help us continue to grow in order to reach more people with Messianic Jewish Music and Teachings. We are not currently a Non-profit Organization, therefore, any gift would not be tax deductible. However, this is a goal we hope to achieve, God willing, in the not too distant future. Most of all, if this station has been a blessing to you, we have succeeded in our number one goal.

Thank you for any support you give this station, whether it be as a listener, with prayers of support or your generous financial gifts. All gifts will be used solely for the perfomance and enrichment of this station.

We thank you for your support and tuning in to May ADONAI bless you and give you Shalom.

In MessiahYeshua, Ed Ordaz

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