Important News

For 3-31-09

Hello WSTW Listeners,

I am happy to write to all of you that approximately two weeks ago we had a devoted listener donate the RAM we were looking for to our server. We went from 5 megabytes of RAM to 2.5 Gigabytes of RAM. A big thank you goes out to Jonathan for blessing this ministry and everyone around the world who tune in to

Around the same time we had two other blessings from Cynthia and Pamela who donated to WSTW. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts as you have helped us when in our need. Your help will provide us a Windows Operating System and a internal backup hard drive.

It seems that Adonai provides when it is needed the most. I have seen this happen several times over the years where listeners feel a need to help support this ministry when needed the most.

I still plan on changing our Windows Media link so stay tuned to a new address to listen to Windows Media which should enable you to listen in on many cell phones without all the interruptions as you run into on the free service on our listen live page.

When I am about to reformat the server I will let you know ahead of time as we will be down for a little bit. Once this is done I should then start to work on our "Now Playing" feature on our homepage. You may also start to hear me on the radio a little more as well once I get the settings to work on the Mic. This will happen sometime during the month of April.

Thank you for your emails to those who have emailed me for various reasons. I enjoy the chat and any of you are welcome to call me anytime. If you don't have my number and would like to call just drop me an email.

Were moving forward because of you!

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