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Hello from Finland! I`m a sister doing f.e. radio work here (Christian radio channel Radio DEI,fm 89mhz).

Lots of blessings, Maria


Thank you , thank you Toda Rabba! for your wonderful station; I listen every day to start my day off....and have told all my friends here in Va Beach, Va , Winchester, Fairfax, Va etc... so I hope you will see some support from this area in the past month or two...

I do not like to use Pay Pal as someone I know lost a lot of money to theft of her number, so I will send my check direct.

Thank you

Susan Perry

PS where do I mail this to??



I am of the Christian belief (Baptist) however I have always tried to follow YHVH completely. I have had a interest in the Hebrew language and beliefs as stated in YHVH’s word. A rabbi had given me this link and I am totally loving it. I am now self teaching the Hebrew language and I love your music. I don’t know why there is so many religions, we should all look toward YHVH and follow HIM and not look through man’s eyes. No I don’t want one world religion I just want us all to follow YHVH. Your station is a uplifting to me each day. I love the music just before the program of preaching ( I can’t seem to remember his name). His preaching is great also. I just wanted to say thank you. I can tell the difference between Jewish people the rest of the world ( such as Christian), your beliefs are a way of life the Christians or the rest of the world is just a belief. We need to be more like the Jewish and dedicate our lives to YHVH.

Darren Otey

NFI Certified Gas Specialist
Fireplace Installation Specialist
Technical Service Department
DESA Heating Products



I love listening to your station throughout the night - and during the day when I am working.

Please let me know where I can purchase Daniel Keren's cd/song - Adonai.




When a friend told me about this station, I became an instant fan!

The only problem is that I wish I could get it on my walkman!



I love listening to Daniel Carmel. Thank you for playing his songs.



Thank you, thank you for your website.
I just stumbled across it.
Love the music. It's added to my "Favorites".

Love, In Yeshua
Chris Jackman
Zeeland, Michigan, USA



I came across your station about a month ago and I’ve been listening ever since! I’m a Non-Jewish believer in Messiah and I’m following your teachings with great interest. I find them challenging and helpful.

I work as a translator from my home, and your broadcast keeps me in great company (and in a good mood) while I work with my computer.

I live in Argentina where the Messianic Jewish community is still not very large. I have a heart for Israel since my conversion four years ago and am glad to say I’ve met many people who share that. I sense there will be an end-times Messianic revival and many Jews will be converted.

I encourage you to keep up the good work for the Lord.

May all be well with you.

Shalu Shalom Yerushalayim! May all things prosper with those that love the holy city of the Lord and her people!



I just discovered your station two days ago. Wonderful, wonderful. Thank you for streaming. May G-d continue to richly bless your efforts as this INSPIRED music reaches ears and hearts around the world.



Shabbat Shalom to all our brethren in Eretz Yisrael.

It is a joy to have found this music/website 24/7 streaming on the internet for all who will listen…Blessings to you from the USA! To the Glory of G-d…


So excited to have found you. I love Yeshua so much! I attend Congregation Beth Yeshua in Westminster, California USA. G-d richly bless you for this blessing you have given us!


Just wanted you to know I listen while at work.



I've just found your website and have already shared it with my daughter. The Messianic music is beautiful. I look forward to hearing more of it. My Jewish husband passed away last year, and he was a believer. He said "I'm going to see Jesus soon" a few weeks before he died. He was my favorite model in many of my original biblical oil paintings. He was "David bringing the Ark to Jerusalem", Jairus in "Faith that Heals", he is the foremost figure entering into the "New Jerusalem" and he is seated next to and receiving the cup from Yeshua in "The Last Supper" . He was also the first born son in the "Passover". His father posed for "Moses Consecrates Aaron". They enriched my life and my paintings. If you would like to see the art, please go to

Darlene Slavujac Thau


I Love your radio station!.....Austin Texas


We love your station and include the link on our weekly shabbat updates. Thank you for sharing the Messianic vision to Northeast TN and Southwest VA.

Susan Fiedler

Congregation Beth Shalom


Thanks to Yahweh and thank you Eddie

Cool site...we were exploring your site, and we found it very enjoyable. Keep up the great work, and His Great Works. Rock on.

Aunt Teresa and James


Shalom Eddie!

Greetings from the Canadian Maritimes. Greetings from a sister in Messiah Yeshua. I received His salvation in 1976, but it was only in January of this year (2007) that I started looking into Messianic Judaism. It all started with wanting to learn Hebrew so I could understand the Scriptures better.

Just last week (early April), I was searching the net for Messianic radio stations, and yours was one of three that I was able to download properly. is definitely MY FAVORITE, and I am convinced that you play THE BEST MUSIC THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN! My husband and I both like it better than the local Christian radio station. I listen throughout the day. It helps the time go by faster when I'm doing the dishes, and sometimes I just have to sing along and dance for joy!

I also really enjoy the good solid Bible teachings and news reports on both your radio station and your website. Keep up the good work. I know Adonai is smiling down on you for honouring Him, and you are in my prayers as You strive to share His Truth with all the people everywhere.

See you in the New Yerushalayim!

Shalom, Lauren.

I'm listening to Messianic Radio on the internet


Thank You very much for all faithful Songs, Music and Worship - Greetings from Switzerland and Be blessed the whole Staff of WSTW Radio - Messiah Yeshua is ALIVE !

Armin / Landquart - Switzerland


Sooooo very glad that you are back up on line. You have become my favorite listening station. I've missed the wonderful music and the excellent teaching.

Thank you. Beverly


Hello, Praise Yeshua ! Thank you, for having a wonderful program. I have recently come upon and I have already recommended it to friends. It is such a blessing to tune into your program and listen daily.

Blessings from Canada. Marie


I just found your wonderful radio station! Thank you for the beautiful Messianic music. I can keep your station on all day as I work at my computer – what a blessing!!

In Yeshua’s service,




I am so excited to find this station! I also found a great Messianic dance ministry . . . I will let you know when my dance ministry gets moving! Restored to Glory is at . . . you will love it--I do.


Donna, Olive Branch Connection, Troy, NY


I just got tuned into your station. I noticed one of the kids in Israel I lead to Yeshua has already been here. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Signs and Wonders Ministries out of Tulsa thanks you for your beautiful ministry in music on the net. Visit us at We're busy leading Jews to Yeshua around the world............and we shall never stop!

PJ, servant of Yeshua!


Praise G-d!

Thank you for this site. I must admit that I was surprised to hear some of the songs I've sung with our congregation done in a jazz style, but they were great!

May He bless your continued efforts!


Tulita Owen


AWESOME is the first word that comes to mind when I think of I wish I could get this on my car radio. It is so-o-o-o-o-o much better than the stuff on our local religious station. I love your whole site. I would like to put your link on our website. Is that OK?

Shalom and Blessings
Pastor Sarah
World Harvest Assembly of Zion
Brandon/Tampa Florida


Shalom Aleichem,

Thanks for the great music...
Messianic music always makes me happy and so thankful to HaShem...

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai



From the bronx nyc
HE is your friend who pushes you nearer to GOD!!! I LOVE IT

ED.Serrano BX nyc



At the beginning of March, I didn't know that existed. Now, the importance of a Messianic music station is obvious. With all of the activity with Beth Messiah Congregation in North Denver and the American Freedom Network in Johnstown, CO, I need the atmosphere of praise and worship provided by wstw. My days are just better, in every way.

Ps. 109:31



Thank you for your work. Great music.


George Karlsen


Dear Friend in Yeshua,

this is a great station, my prayer is that You reach many people for the Messiah. God Bless you.

Jimmy and Carol


Dear frines in Yeshua,

May God richly bless all of you, as you lead the people in Yeshua. I was surprised to see that you had The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir as one of your groups.

I have the pleasure of going to that church, and remember the days when they had a small storefront church, and wow look at it now, and it's amazing, what God can do when your in his will.

Also, I am trying to start A Messianic Ministry in Staten Island, but I need workers to do this, Actually, I would like to start, a Russian-Hebrew-Polish-chinese Ministry. So, pray about this. God Bless you

"Earth Angel"


Your internet broadcasts have really blessed me. Please keep up the good work.

I really enjoy the teachings on your station and the music is second
to none. I have been so thirsty for the word of God and you have
provided it, I do read the word of course but it is just so good to be
ministered to while I work.

Hornell NY


A friend of mine recommended this site...I especially love the "listen live" portion ...

Blessings ...



Shalom and the love of the Most High Yahweh be with the entire staff of WSTW and listeners all over the world. My name is Nana Yaw Akomeah from Ghana in the west coast of Africa. I found your Radio on the internet and Im addicted to your inspirational musics and other programmes. I want to take this oppportunity to commend WSTW for the good work spreading the word of Yahweh across the world.

I am very interested in Jewish music and the lanugage. I would be very happy to meet some friends out there who speaks Jewish language. Here is my address. Nana Yaw Akomeah P.O. Box CT.3667, Cantonments-Accra, Ghana, West Africa. I will be very glad if you can send me some informaiton teachings on messianic way of life etc.


Yahweh bless you




We live in the great Northwest. We are Messianic. Our Rabbi told us about WSTW. We have been listening ever since. I have been introduce to many new Messianic Artists. I also enjoy my old favorites. The music is wonderful to listen to.  Food for your spirit...while you work. What a blessing!!!

I have neglected my bible studies until I started to listen to WSTW.  Now about every three hours when I hear the music for my favorite program... I take a brake from what I am doing... Go sit down, listen, and take notes. I then mediate on what was taught.  I listen again later and get deeper understanding.

WSTW has been a tremendous blessing
Thank you



I am a Gentile believer with a heart for Israel. I love to listen to Messianic music, and your website has been wonderful for me!

Thanks so much, and may G-d bless you!

Lori Bische
Henryetta, OK


I met the Lord just over seven years ago and have fallen in love with Messianic Jewish Music. Once I heard the constant "choice" mix of music, I couldn't wait to log into your website. Now, I've been listening to your online radio station where ever I travel to, for the past couple of years. I want to thank you for what you are doing and hope we get to enjoy your music until our blessed savior returns.

God Bless you!
From Southern California


Grettings in the name of our beloved Messiah Yeshua,

We are servants of the Most High and it was only when we got DSL a couple of weeks ago, that we discovered your wonderful radio station. Praise God indeed for His mercy and loving grace that He so richly offers to all that truly seek Him.

We are born-again Christians and have a deep love for our Jewish brothers and sisters and wish and pray so very much that indeed, the Lord will draw many more to Him in these last days of our time.

Please, continue your outstanding work at WSTW. May the Lord bless all of you abundantly and use you to the max. Thanks for bringing so much joy to our hearts on a daily basis,

Alex and Paulette



I'm a Belgian Jew called by G-D in Israel 8 months ago. I just found your radio station over the internet. It's such a bracha! I will pray for G-D to make you grow and even have unexpected door to open.

Toda raba for your work and Hag Sameach.

In the love of Yeshua haMashiach
Kfar Saba, Israel,


Just a wonderful station to spread the word in many ways. I look forward to your (and your family) next visit. You will always have a HOME and FAMILY in Jerusalem, Israel.

Shalom and G-d Bless,


Though a gentile by birth, by the grace of God I am born again into the family of God. Just listening to your web programming encourages me to praise the Lord and live for Him.

Thank you,
Ken Martin
Toronto Canada


Hi Ed,

It was a pleasure meeting a fine young man like you. I appreciate the work you have done in the name of our Lord. The web site is fantastic.

Your Brother in Christ,


Hi Ed,

Thank you for directing me to your site. It is great! I have already sent it to several others who will love it.

"This year in Jerusalem!"

Reve Hanks, CEO/Pres
Travel with Revelle, Inc
Holy Land Travel and Ministries
10 Norwich Ct
Shawnee, OK 74804
PH: 405-275-2332
FAX: 405-275-9555


Greetings to my fellow believers in Christ!

I was searching for a Messianic station to listen to at work and found your website. The music is a blessing and lifts my spirits throughout the day. I enjoy the times of teaching as well. Thank you for your devotion and dedication.

Maryland, USA


Dear friends in Christ,

I am not a jew but bumped into your website.

I enjoyed listening to your song of the Sermon of the Mount by our Lord Jesus.

God bless,

Aldrin Roy


I just found your station this evening working late. Baruch Hashem!


From League City, TX just south of Houston


Thanks for making your station available on the Internet. I've been
listening for quite some time and enjoy the music immensely. They let me play it at work.

I have a personal preference that I would like to share with you:

I have been a part of the Messianic Movement for 35 years, and I prefer the more worshipful type of music (Marty Goetz, Paul Wilbur, Jonathan Settel) than to the Eastern European, Bar Mitzvah, repetitious type. I've been hearing the latter for 35 years and I really can't listen to it anymore. Some of those songs go on for 5-10 minutes, and it sounds like a broken record. Is there anyway you could play the worship type for a few hours and then the other for a few hours, instead of intermixing them? I usually turn the volume down when I hear music that is worn out for me. I understand that a lot of people like the Eastern European sound, but it would be nice if you could catergorize it during the day.


Stuart Kaplan


I just discovered your great station yesterday. I can already assure you it is going to become a part of my daily office routine. What a blessing!

Thank you!

George in Texas


I should have said before how appreciative I am that I am able to listen to Messianic music live via the web. I am a recent listener and am enjoying the station immensely. Thank you for all the work you do to bring The Father's message in music!



I love this radio, it is the only station I listen to. I am a Messianic Jew and love your music and Messianic Minutes.

Seth in Maine


Dear WSTW, shavua tov!

First of all, your radio channel is excellent! In particular, I enjoy working while listening to all the great music and "Messianic minutes" that you provide. Thank you, and G-d bless!

I have, however, been listening to the beautiful "Kindle the light" song (I'm not sure about the title), and would like to know the title of the song and the name of the singer(s)? Please let me know!

Kindle the light
let it burn brightly
this is the season of light
Kindle the light
somebody might be
lost in the darkness
afraid of the night!

I wish you a happy, bright and meaningful Chanukah!



Shalom, had done a very good job. I found this Live Christian Jewish radio probably a year ago, this radio station is cool. I really enjoy and love it. This is my first experience listening to the Jewish songs, cool. I wish our Lord our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ our Messiah, and the Holy Spirit, be with brothers and sisters in Christ. Wish the will grow in the name of our Lord, broadcast the song and the message to all humankind, everyone needs the Lord. From my experience, only Jesus Christ is the real and he is the truth God. To all Christians and Jewish brothers and sisters, keep believing in our God, no regret, and He is real. Wish all the best to, may the Lord bless you and provide you all your needs, because our Lord is Emmanual and Jehovah Jireh.

Thank you.

Victor from Malaysia


I am not sure how I found this site, but its great. I am a messianic Jew and I am so glad I found you, keep up the great work.


I'm a Christian from Tennessee in the U.S.A, and recently took interest in Messianic Music. I enjoy listening to the music all day. I thank all the people that make the website and radio possible. God bless you all.




My Name is Cindy and I am a Christian, I was doing a search on the internet for Jewish Music on Jesus and I found your website and I love the Music it's exactly what I was looking for. What a Blessing!

Y'shua Reigns!

Thank you for this wonderful site and music.

Cynthia E. Ohio, USA


Love this station, I turn to it every day through the week. I listen to it during study, workout and just relaxing to meditate on God's word and the Love of Jesus.

Blessed of God

A USA Tennessee Listener



Where have you been all my life? I love you WSTW.

InYeshua HaMashiach


Baruch ha Shem

Enjoy listening everyday much relaxing

from Gordy Scotland

love in Y'shua


Baruch haShem!!!

Truly an oasis in a dry and thirsty land. The Lord bless you!

From a completed Jew ...




I just found out about your radio station and love the
music. I have always loved G-d and have just recently
been taken back under his wing with a new congregation
I have joined after visiting for a year. He has been
so wonderful to me and my friends and family. Prayers
were answered as Yeshua tends to do for us when my
sister's friend came out of a coma after a week!!!
That us truly G-d's work and I love him today and

May Yeshua be with you also



Praise Yeshua Ha Messiah and Adonai "our Father" as well; that you Exist... I am NOT Jewish, but am heavily engrosed inside the Messianic places around here where I live in Southern Ontario, CANADA. I just tonite found this station. Have it now saved inside my InterNet address-list, so I can listen to it again.

I shall keep your works inside my prayers. I ask that G-d's Blessings fall upon All of you and upon this Online Station. That it shall flourish and tell the words that Messiah is already here with us. G-d's Blessing I ask upon you today all that this day shall be a great one, beginning to the end.

Signed, Mr. P. Blahut




My name is Isabel Cristina Calahorrano Revelo; I found your marvelous radio on the Internet. I want to learn more about Messianism. I live in Montreal Quebec, please could you send me more information, teachings and Messianic way of life? I want to grow in Messiah Yeshua.

Isabel Cristina Calahorrano



Praise the name of our Lord GOD! I really have been blessed with your music and site. I have shared it with many in our fellowship.
We are enjoying singing many of these songs in our Praise and Worship Services here in the USA. God bless you and your work.
May he send his peace to Jerusalem is my prayer.

In his service,
His chosen bride,
Sister Patricia Tucker



Two words:


Yahweh bless you!

Jackie - The Ziongirl



Baruch haShem!

It's so good to find your website thanks to the link provided by - greetings from a Carmelite and former Haifa resident, now in "holy exile" back in the USA. As a disciple of Eliyahu haAnavi, the memories of the years I lived near with the Carmeliyoth on Har Carmel stay with me - your tunes help to ease the homesickness that I always feel.

Toda l'El, your ministry of music now reaches out with the message of divine faith, eternal hope and infinite love given to us by haAdon through Yeshua haMashiach. May many souls find this great gift, thanks to your witness, so that one day we may cry out together with all the angels and saints, "Kadosh! Kadosh! Kadosh! Kadosh Adonai S'vaoth!"

Your little sister,
Discalced Carmelite Secular



Dear Host & Staff,

I send you my greetings and prayerful wishes from India. I am a Christian and I listen to WSTW quite often it is very educative and encouraging, the music is excellent Keep it up. I would be grateful if you could include some more study material and a more elaborate dictionary for reference. So once again, thank you and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a blessed year ahead.

With warm regards



I stand with you in prayer for all Israel that they might be saved. I believe we are witnessing the Holy Spirit being poured out on all Israel drawing them to faith in Yeshua the Messiah. I praise the holy One of Israel for your ministry.



Bless Adonia for your site. Thank you, thank you. I am so pleased to find your site. I just love the messianic music by God's chosen people.

You really know how to worship Adonia Jeshua. I have been learning many of the Messianic songs in Hebrew.

Jeshua has called me to go to Israel as a Missionary, so I can speak it better than I can read it. I can read the translaiterated fine. You have a wonderful site. I listen alot. I thank God that He adopted me into His family by Rauch Hakodesh.

Blessings of Numbers 6:24.
Love you in Jeshua.
Donna Praise Elohim


Bless Yahweh for your site here. Thank You!!! I found Your site looking for Gospel Music on-line to listen to. I chose Your's for You being Jew's are Yahwehs' chosen people and I (Lisa Kuhn) a Gentile, adobted by Yahwehs' Mercy and Grace into Your Family through Yeshua and being born again by Ruach Hakodesh. I wish to be Praising Yahweh with You. I Love Yahweh with every fiber of my being.

Your Music of Praise to Our Adonai blesses my soul very deep. Thank You. The link to Your web site from Shoutcast is a blessing indeed. Your site is very easy to use and get the news!!! And to navigate through Your whole site.

Thank You. Lisa Kuhn


Dear Wstw,

Thank you for the opportunity to express myself. But mainly I thought I would write you a note letting you know how much enjoyment I get from listening to your music.

The encouragement I get from your daily devotionals helps lift me through the day. Your Special events link is really helpful and it's nice to get the news from the site I go to get music. It's like one stop shopping. I hardly need to go anywhere else.

Thanks again,

A devoted listener from CA.


We found your website this week through a search engine. We've been enjoying the music...great quality! We would like to hear more about your ministry and involvement in Messianic Judaism.

Blessings to you!

Dennis and Janice Smith

Hello and Greetings to you and yours,

My name is Twana Lawler, CEO and Founder of PSALM Ministries. I would like to have my webmaster add your site to my RADIO page. It would be a great resource and learning tool to many of the visitors. I pray that you do not mind us adding you to our website. Vist us, you are sure to be blessed at

God Bless,


I enjoy your broadcasting very much!


Numbers 6:24-26 The LORD bless you and keep you. The LORD make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The LORD lift up His face to you and give you peace.


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