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Christians who support Israel are mobilizing as Israel’s Hamas-Hezbollah war looms larger, even as the US State Department issues a travel warning for Israel. International Christian Broadcaster, Earl Cox is calling on Christians across America to join him in prayer at the Western Wall in Jerusalem beginning on Sunday, July 30 2006. He is also contacting the Arab media with this message: “The TERRORIST WAR AGAINST ISRAEL IS A TERRORIST WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANS. Truly Born Again Christians are flying to Israel to offer prayers and support for the Jewish people whom God calls the apple of His eye. We don’t hate Arab peoples, but we hate the evil perpetrated on all civilians by terrorists.”

Time to Mobilize Christian Draft Notice

“Our Jewish brothers and sisters,” asserts Cox, “need friends now more than ever before since becoming a nation in 1948. Christians must put prayer boots on the ground in Israel to fight the spiritual war being waged against Israel while Israel fights the physical war.” Cox added that Christians should lay aside their own plans and use their financial means to go or send someone else in their place. “This is one of our most important endeavors as Christians to uplift the leaders of Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” states Cox. He points out, “Many prayers will be offered for the Arab people too that they will choose and live in peace.”

Don't go AWOL

Israel needs your prayers and physical presence NOW. Put aside your personal summer plans and join Earl Cox and other Christians as they travel to the Holy Land. If you cannot afford to go, ask others to send you in their place. If you have the funds but cannot go, help someone else make the prayer journey. You and they will receive the blessing, as found in 1 Samuel 30:24, "For as is the share of him who goes into the battle so shall his share be who stays by the baggage. They shall share alike." This is a call from our God to stand with Israel.

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Prayer Warrior

Cox is no stranger to prayer efforts. In 2005, he mobilized hundreds of Christians to spend a full year, eight hours a day, at the Western Wall praying for Israel. In June Cox flew to Israel and sat outside Ariel Sharon’s hospital room at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv where he prayed for eight hours. The thirty year veteran of Washington politics has-for the last six years- devoted his energies and finances to supporting Israel. He is founder and co-host of Front Page Jerusalem Global Radio network, ( The radio program is now the most listened-to Christian broadcast emanating from Jerusalem. He has launched numerous other initiatives including rallies for Israel in major US cities.

Support Rally Atlanta Georgia

Earl Cox, who has become one of Israel’s most active and outspoken Christian supporters of Israel for the past six years stated, "By attacking Israel, Hamas and Hezbollah have united the Christian and Jewish communities all across America." In issuing this statement, Cox added that, “Terrorists around the world will soon know that nothing they do will dissuade Christian support for Israel. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob stands with Israel and Christians stand with THE Almighty God.”

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