Messianic Musician Oxana Eliahu is a talented and annointed musician. Oxana has a gift of brining others together to form a wonderful compilation of Messianic Jewish Music from Israel.

Check out Oxana's second CD "Recipe for Love".

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The Power of Words CD is produced by Oxana Eliahu, a Russian born Messianic Jewish Believer, now living in Israel. The music in this CD is unique, sweet and pleasant to the ear. Several Artists contributions bring you music with a mix of Western and Middle Eastern sounds. Their contribution to this CD is noticed in each song. Along with a wide range of music from light heartedness to the deeper level of praise and worship songs, this is a CD that you will want to play over and over. The Power of Words CD is a natural addition to all people who love Messianic Jewish Music.

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Our first night in Tel Aviv, we were blessed with the opportunity to meet Messianic Jewish Musician Oxana Eliahu. I was familiar with Oxana and part of her congregation from the mailings they sent to my home. When I finally had the opportunity to meet Oxana I was pleased that she was a Spirit filled Messianic Jewish believer. It was refreshing to my walk and one of the highlights of my trip.