Oxana Eliahu does a terrifice job on her second CD "Recipe for Love" . If you enjoyed her first CD "Power of Words" you will love this CD even more! Oxana keeps the Israeli Messianic Jewish flavor on "Recipe for Love" which reminds us of the Jewish Heart in the land of Israel singing to the God of Israel and the Creator of the Universe.

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We currently air Oxana's CD titled "Power of Words". This CD "Recipe For Love" is her second CD and is her best work yet. Recipe For Love is upbeat and uplifting and you will be sure to enjoy listening to it over and over. There is something beautiful about hearing praises in Hebrew to God through Messiah Yeshua. Hearing praises in Hebrew is what you will find in this wonderful CD.

To purchase Oxana's CD just go to Holyland Marketplace.

Wstw would like to welcome Oxana Eliahu's second CD titled "Recipe For Love" to our lineup. Oxana's love for YAHVEH is evident in the lyrics she uses and melody of her songs. Music straight from the heart, this CD is refreshing and a reminder of what is to come when Messiah Yeshua returns.